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We specialise in holistic microcurrent acupressure treatments to rejuvenate your skin, body and overall wellbeing. 
Treatments are combined with essential oils, wholefood supplements and non-toxic products.


holistic Approach TO AGEING 

Microcurrent Acupressure Therapy is a natural solution to reverse and slow down premature ageing.  Incorporating Microcurrent, needleless acupuncture, Meridian Energy Balancing, nutritional supplements, state-of-the-art non-toxic skincare and diet & lifestyle advice.  Click the image to find out more.

beyond the face

microcurrent therapies

Healthy skin starts from within.  You can add on additional treatments to your face treatments or purchase relevant therapies as a package. Click the image to view all services available.



Removing toxic chemicals from the home can help in so many aspects of our overall wellbeing. Harmful chemicals upset our delicate endocrine system which is responsible for our hormones and ageing. Click the image to learn more.


The face is ultimately a reflection of internal health and emotional wellbeing. Looking good and having a positive body image is not vanity, it is the road to a long, healthy and happy life.

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