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I wanted to look and feel younger!

But the thought of Botox and fillers just didn't gel with my low tox lifestyle.I have been on a low tox journey since my early menopause diagnosis at 32 years of age in 2007. I live in the Perth Hills with my husband and two rainbow babies, Zoe and Levi, who were conceived via egg donation. My interest in natural living and therapies has continued to grow since my diagnosis and I love seeking natural and alternative treatments in many areas of my physical, spiritual and emotional journey.The many years of fertility struggles and then child-rearing in my late 30s/early 40s definitely took a toll on me physically and emotionally. When I discovered the Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation technique in December 2018, I knew I had to bring it to Perth. Not just for me(!) but I knew there were other women (and men!) like me. They wanted to turn back time on their looks but not at the risk of their health. Three months later, in March 2019, I underwent training in Calgary, Canada with the technique creator, Carla Green (read more below), and returned to Perth with the recommended Accu-O-Matic microcurrent machine. This machine is used in a clinical setting for non-needle acupuncture and to treat issues like TMJ, Bell's Palsy and other muscular re-education scenarios. The treatment is safe and effective and very affordable compared to invasive surgical and cosmetic procedures. Why not enhance what you've been born with, completely naturally, so that you can feel more confident and energetic?I'm thrilled to be Perth's first Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation practitioner and I'm here to help you regain your youth inside and out. Click the button below to discuss how the treatment can work for you.

Vicki Clifford

Founder | Rejuv Acupressure

The technique I use was developed by Carla Green, Licensed Acupuncturist and Physical Therapist   Founder | Second Chance Face, Alberta, Canada"At 45, I felt 20 but was looking much closer to 60. No one wants to look older than they are, let alone older than they feel. I had an unfounded bias against cosmetic procedures, deeming them to be just for vanity and all having negative health repercussions. They were just too risky. I had looked at many options for myself, but they either didn’t work, they didn’t produce results fast enough, they cost too much, and all of them had some element of risk to my health. This was not something I was willing to compromise on. I have a tool box. It was FULL! I have a background in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I also have 37 years Physiotherapy experience. I know how the muscles and tissues in the body work and I KNEW that this could be combined to produce something magical! Microcurrent has been in my tool box from the beginning. Its original use was to offer an acupuncture treatment for children and those afraid of needles. Research shows microcurrent increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, increases protein synthesis (soft tissue healing), increases cellular membrane transport by 40% (reduction in swelling and inflammation), activates T-Lymphocytes (strengthens immune system), and improves DNA synthesis (for soft tissue cell regeneration). It also increases wound healing by up to 300%! That's a lot of science... but the gist of it is.. microcurrent heals.. with no injury, pain or side effects! Additionally, microcurrent can stimulate acupuncture points, without the use of needles! This makes it safe and effective for anyone to use. Microcurrent can be used on any age, for almost any condition, and on any part of the body, including on and around delicate areas such as eyes, nose, lips, and neck. It's gentle, effective and most importantly...safe."
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