Insomnia Treatment

Having trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep?

When you have optimum sleep the ageing process will slow down and you will already look younger. 

You need REM and NON REM sleep. Non REM is what heals and repairs the body while you sleep. Your deep Non REM sleep decreases as you age, causing less healing to happen. 

How much sleep should you be getting?

  • An infant needs approx. 16 hours sleep 
  • A teenager needs approx. 9 hours sleep 
  • Adults need 8 hours sleep. Even if you FEEL like you can function on less, your body needs time to heal from the external damages everyone faces everyday
When you DON’T get enough sleep there is an increased risk of obesity due to the decreased ability to process sugar. Also;
  • The hormone that triggers hunger increases 
  • Hormones that trigger fullness decrease 
  • Less than 6 hours = increased risk of heart attack, stroke and depression 
  • Less than 7 hours = increased risk of early death by 26% in men and 21% in women 
Treatment involves: 
  • Non-needle acupuncture points on body and ears
  • Meridian energy balancing
  • Diet, lifestyle and supplement advice
Pricing & Sessions:
Most find 5 sessions are sufficient however depending upon individual condition and lifestyle factors, more or less sessions may be required. 
  • Initial consultation and session - $130.00 (approx. 60-90 min)
  • Follow up session - $155.00 (approx 60 min)
  • Pre-payment of 5 sessions $650 (save $125.00). If less sessions are required the balance can be refunded or put towards other services
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