Meridian Balancing

Meridian Balancing is a non-needle acupuncture technique that balances and harmonises the autonomic nervous system which controls many of the functions of the body.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine there are twelve energy centers in the body, and they run like a labyrinth in different directions. Picture all the freeways and highways of Perth at 5pm. Yep, kinda like that. Now, these channels work most effectively when they are balanced. Why? Well, according to this ancient philosophy when working harmoniously, the meridians can distribute exactly the right amount of energy to the body and mind, and this leaves us feeling… pretty zen.

The twelve meridian channels are active in ascending order from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, and peak for an optimum two hour period each day. Collectively, they govern a specific function within the body, and this affects different elements of our mental health and physical wellbeing.

There are great resources online to learn how to balance your meridians using the meridian body clock but you can come and see me and I’ll do the hard work for you and have you out the door within 30 minutes.

Oh and it’s completely pain free.


Read these powerful testimonies about Meridian Balancing
A fellow Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation Practitioner, Robyn Kelly (based in Chicago, USA) performed several balances for people during a convention in 2019. This was some of the experiences felt by her clients.

"Several of them had profound experiences of pain relief etc and I’m realizing not everyone even told me about their beneficial experience because they were sceptical that it could actually do what they experienced. (I ran into one friend at the farm today on my way out of town that I had balanced yesterday. She told me her hip had stopped hurting but she didn’t believe that could have done that. She hadn’t even told me it was hurting to begin with!).
This video was done by a friend that had her own profound experience. We saw Amy’s left side of her face physically and dramatically pulling during the MB treatment. She had Bell's Palsy years ago with lingering effects still and has had many other health challenges she has been overcoming in the last couple years. 

Amy recorded this video of Carol’s experience that was also extremely profound. The sound didn’t come through well at all but hopefully you can hear some. Carol has a defibrillator pacemaker. Her second heart surgery was in 2013. She has not slept through the night SINCE THEN for more than 2 hours straight. She has had severe lower back pain since her kids were little. (Her kids are ADULTS now.) She was experiencing a migraine and overall pain and felt terrible when I did her MB. She was going to lay down and try to sleep it off. 

When I did the final point on her mid back, she felt a sensation from there, electrical, shooting out in every direction toward all her limbs and up her spine. Then right after she got really warm and started to sweat. (It actually made us both nervous and I messaged Katrina, double checking about the safety of doing this with a pacemaker! She reassured me it was indeed perfectly fine!).

Well, her headache and pain went away, fairly quickly! Her mood improved. It was early afternoon. She stayed up late in the night with 2 housefuls of women rehashing a great week of convention over fun and fellowship. She went to bed. She woke up thinking she had only slept 2 hours and probably had to pee. But it was 8am and she had slept THRU THE NIGHT, PAIN FREE. That was Sunday into Monday. Super happy to say that she also slept thru the night again Monday and is still feeling great!

All I did was Meridian Balancing. No ear points. No body points. Just MB." 

Watch the powerful video testimonial here.

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