Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking
Why do you want to quit smoking? 
Live Longer | Save Money | Feel, Look & Smell Better | Improve Endurance

Smoking can drastically speed up ageing, it can increase loose skin, increase age spots and skin discoloration.  It slows down wound healing, decreases oxygen and blood flow, reduces skin moisture and stresses out your liver.

You need to be in the correct mindset. "If someone is hell-bent on smoking, microcurrent won't stop you.”
Treatment involves: 
  • Non-needle acupuncture points on body and ears to help control that powerful addiction, also support the liver detoxification and lung health
  • Meridian energy balancing
  • Diet, lifestyle and supplement advice
Pricing & Sessions:
Most find 6-8 sessions are sufficient however it is dependant upon individual situation and lifestyle factors, more or less sessions may be required. 
  • Initial consultation and session - $85.00 (approx. 60 min)
  • Follow up session - $85.00 (approx 45 min)
  • Pre-payment of 8 sessions $637 (save $43.00). If less sessions are required the balance can be refunded or put towards other services
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