Weight Loss & Cravings

Weight Loss Treatment
Looking to lose weight or curb those sugar/food cravings?

Microcurrent acupressure therapy, along with a precise at home diet & lifestyle protocol addressing the internal imbalances, you will realise your holistic weight loss potential. 

Proper nutrition can prevent bad genes from expressing themselves. This means that even if you have bad genetics, you can control how much it effects you.

"It isn't magic, It doesn't make fat melt off of your body, but studies show it can affect the part of the brain that feels hunger.”

In addition to reducing hunger, we activate your "feel-good" neurotransmitters, which can reduce stress, and thus, help you lose weight. The exact process differs from client to client, but a lot of points on the ears are related to curbing hunger.
Treatment involves: 
  • Local microcurrent stimulation to reduce inflammation, reduce cravings and support the digestive system
  • Non-needle acupuncture points on body and ears
  • Meridian energy balancing
  • Diet, lifestyle and supplement advice
Pricing & Sessions:
Most find 5 sessions are sufficient however depending upon individual condition and lifestyle factors, more or less sessions may be required. 
  • Initial consultation and session - $127.00 (approx. 60-90 min)
  • Follow up session - $155.00 (approx 60 min)
  • Pre-payment of 6 sessions $750 (save $180.00). If less sessions are required the balance can be refunded or put towards other services
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